Have you ever thought about reducing IT costs but you were looking for an affordable and reliable solution? Are maintaining high availability applications an issue for you? Do you want to build an IT strategy plan to align your IT with your business?

Most companies and organizations struggle to maintain their operations costs without clear strategic vision or road map, and totally isolated from the company or the organization business.

With IT becoming a business driver for today’s economy it is a must to have a professional IT services to cope with your business growth vision either nationally or globally.

FutureTech Solutions was formed with an enterprise vision of providing our customers with a professional IT services and solutions that focus on reducing the cost and increasing the productivity. In FutureTech Solutions we are also looking for a long term relationship with our customers by helping them build there IT strategic plan through an internationally approved methodology, this plan will give your business an insight of the upcoming technologies and how to transfer IT from basic to a dynamic IT that responds to business with no time.

Our solution is based on VMware and Veeam, for further information please visit our solutions page.

  • Our History

    FutureTech Solutions is an Information Technology Company based in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia and established in December 17, 2011, with focus on the current and future Saudi IT market demands.

    In FutureTech Solutions we believe IT infrastructure is becoming more complex than before with budget limitations. Our goal in FutureTech Solutions is to help our customer to realize their IT investment by increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) and lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by driving the infrastructure virtualization, cloud computing and end users computing which present a unique opportunities for Saudi companies to cut the cost, increase the productivity and reached the desired IT.

  • Our Vision

    To be the leading IT solution company in the virtualization and cloud computing in the region, and to deliver a value selling to our customers by demonstrating the Return on Investment (ROI) and positioning the right solution that address the customer’s pain issues, and to be the true trusted advisors in the area of virtualization.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork is one of FutureTech Solutions key to Success not only inside the company but also by collaborating with our customers and own an accountability for their success. In FutureTech we believe that every individual are responsible in success or failure of the business. Having a teamwork increases individual accountability toward success.

    Projects can’t be finished on the required deadline without a real teamwork between us as the service provider and the customer, this why we emphasis on the team building prior to start any project or services.

    Teamwork leads to higher quality output, most of the times more than desired level of output. It also enhances better decision making process in the favor of organizational effectiveness.

    Teamwork promotes unity, rapport and bonding between individuals even from deferent organizations if they have the same goal. When we are working together with our customers, they see us as one team and consider us as their trusted advisors for the services that we offer and they will give us all the support because the main focus is to accomplish their mission and untimely success.

    As we are collaborating with our customers and conducting a brainstorm session to find a solution for a problem we have a common goal to achieve, success, because we are obtaining many different and creative ideas from different teams with deferent prospective. This effort enables the team to obtain many alternatives and implement the best action plan and assign the tasks to the people involved.

  • Professional in Delivery

    In FutureTech Solutions, we are committed to deliver an exceptional services to our customers within the required timed frame.

    Not because it’s our responsibility but most importantly we always seek high customer satisfaction from the services that we rendered.

    We always valued our customer and their business with us is appreciated, and we take accountability to their success.

    We are committed in every single service that we offer a high quality in delivery and we keep our commitment to our customers and partners.

    As we seek perfection in our deliveries we always provide accurate and comprehensive information to our customers on both business and technical language to ensure our message get clear, we keep our customers informed of the progress or development in the project by delivering a customer-centered service and informative reporting and of any risk that might delay the deadline of the project, transparency in communication is a key success for our service deliveries.

    In FutureTech Solutions our employees are our asset and they reflect the image of our company, this why we seek talented employees and we sharpen their skills and knowledge through regular trainings and collaborating professionally with our business partners.

  • Continuous Growth

    Since the company started in late of 2011 the stakeholders in the company committed to success and continues growth in line with the progress of the economy in Saudi Arabia. This growth will be achieved by building strong relationship with our potential customers, this relationship will be based on trust and transparency, since then the company achieved an average 200% year over year growth. This vision will continue in the future by sharing our success with our customers and providing them with the right solution for successful and smooth IT operations.

    In FutureTech Solutions we are committed to the pursuit of continuous growth, our continues growth starts with a commitment, a commitment by providing our customers with:

    • The right solutions that meets their requirements.
    • The right skillful expertise to do the required services.
    • By not focusing only on the technology, also we are focusing on implementing the right process for our solutions.
    • By ensuring customers satisfaction from our services which is a top priority for us.

  • Building Trust

    FutureTech Solutions business conducting is all about building trust-based relationships with our customers by understanding their pain issues and setting the right expectations, and helping them to find the right solutions that are exactly solving all their pain issues and meet their expectations with the least possible risk and expense. In FutureTech Solutions we positioned ourselves as the trusted advisors for our clients through honest, effective and open communications and discussions.

    • Valuing our relationships with our customers, because in FutureTech Solutions believe we have something of value to offer to the relationship.
    • Be transparent and honest with our clients and customers, we quest to discover the real areas where we can work together and where our solutions will add value.
    • In FutureTech Solutions integrity is a crucial part of our way in conducting business with our customers, and we take decisions based on what we know is right and follow our business ethics.
    • Fulfilling our commitments and never commit or promise what we can’t deliver